The Arts in Delaware

Check out the January issue of Delaware Today Magazine – there’s a great article featuring new leadership in 6 local arts organizations.  Featured are; Charles Guerin of the Biggs Museum in Dover, Mike Miller of the Delaware Art Museum, John Rumm of the Nemours Mansion & Gardens, John Shipman of the Delaware Center for Contemporary Arts (DCCA),  Morris Stroud of the Brandywine River Art Museum, and Alan Jordan of the Delaware Symphony Orchestra. @DelawareToday thanks!  #WorkingOnMyDaysOff

DETODAY_BIGGSMuseum_112415_JF8A7195DEToday_Miller_DAM_JF8A5857DEToday_Rumm_Nemours_JF8A6169DEToday_Shipman_DCCA_JF8A6689DEToday_Stroud_BwineRiver_JF8A6420DETODAY_BIGGSMuseum_112415_JF8A7060 DEToday_Jordan_DESymphony_JF8A6779 DEToday_Miller_DAM_JF8A5774 DEToday_Rumm_Nemours_JF8A6017 DEToday_Shipman_DCCA_JF8A6598 DEToday_Stroud_BwineRiver_JF8A6242

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Amazing things coming to Middletown, DE.

I recently had the opportunity to create some food images for Chef Pat D’Amico and GM Adam Cofield featuring a few of the dishes from the new Metro Pub & Grill coming soon to Middletown, DE.

All I can say is the folks in Middletown are in for a treat…say goodbye to chain restaurants and fast food, Metro Pub & Grill will have something for everyone, and the space is going to be amazing.   Go drive by and see how the construction is going. They’re located at 17 Wood Street, Middletown, DE.  Check them out on Facebook

JF3A0285 JF3A9984 JF3A0168_1 JF3A0097 JF3A0021 JF3A0013


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Wine Making in the MidAtlantic Region

Check out the November issue of Delaware Today Magazine that features wine makers and vineyards in the MidAtlantic region.  I had the opportunity to spend time with the folks at Nassau Valley Vineyards in Lewes, DE and Vala Winery in Avondale, PA.


DT_Nassau_091715_043 DT_Nassau_091715_055

DT_Nassau_091715_068 DT_Nassau_091715_085










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Student run Vita Nova, is world class.

I like food, don’t we all?  I also love the opportunity to work with chefs who absolutely love what they do.

These beautiful dishes were created by Chef Joe DiGregorio, the Executive Chef and Instructor at Vita Nova Restaurant, the student run restaurant at the University of Delaware.  The restaurant is part of the Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics; Hotel, Restaurant & Institutional Management program.  Special thanks to Chef Joe DiGregorio, Nick Waller, Clinical Instructor and Dining Room Manager and the students who helped pull this together.  Special thanks for Gladys Hunt, Art Director, Delaware Today Magazine.

Read the article in Delaware Today Magazine, here.


DT_VitaNova_101915_JF3A9476 DT_VitaNova_101915_JF8A6941 DT_VitaNova_101915_JF8A7045
DT_VitaNova_101915_JF8A7244 DT_VitaNova_101915_JF8A7259 DT_VitaNova_101915_JF8A7270 DT_VitaNova_101915_JF8A7332 DT_VitaNova_101915_JF8A7352 DT_VitaNova_101915_JF8A7405

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Winter iPhone Pics

Driving around my neighborhood I found these beautiful scenes – I never thought that a telephone with a built in camera would be such a handy tool to have with me.

IMG_9995 IMG_9997 IMG_9999

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Don’t Look

Don’t Look, The Movie is in the final editing stages and it should be available soon.  I had the pleasure of helping out last year by providing production stills.  I was just trolling my own FB galleries and forgot about these.  Keep an eye out for these actors… Luciana Faulhaber can be seen in the new movie “The Night Crew” starring Bokeem Woodbine, and my most favorite hard-ass cholo Danny Trejo. Lindsay Difulvio is busy working in NYC
1185623_10203879635179357_8375208512034693692_n 10255663_10203879631859274_4817146544221145227_n 10307229_10203879631499265_8034371622737662767_n

1794621_10203879630499240_1490713317947695107_n 10155993_10203879632939301_1000082517514302822_n 10250302_10203879630619243_7319054905093505215_n 10258255_10203879632899300_2411926978858247442_n 10259895_10203879634459339_3830826371910514736_n 10299552_10203879634379337_6960524993072655699_n 10308261_10203879632859299_7267365475248651655_n

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Colorado – Rocky Mountain High

My first shoot of the year was in the beautiful state of Colorado – This was my first time there, and I knew I was in for some spectacular scenery.  I was however unsure of what I would witness in regard to the year old law legalizing recreational marijuana use.  Were the streets going to be over-run by tripping lunatics robbing people to satisfy a much needed fix, are there going to be people sleeping on the streets strung out on weed?  Oh my, what am I in for?

I’ll tell you what I witnessed – NOTHING!!!!  I think the fear people are experiencing now is exactly the same as the fear people felt when prohibition was repealed. I did not visit a store, but did a fair amount of research and this industry is highly regulated – every single plant is tracked from seed to sale.  This ensures the plants do not end up in the wrong hands.  Tax revenue for the state has been phenomenal – $60 million dollars in the first year.  On top of that the cottage industries created by legalization has seen incredible growth, from equipment manufacturing, tourism opportunities, and of course snack food 🙂

Just like like legalized gambling swept the nation – why should Colorado and Washington be the only states to benefit from legalized cannabis?  There’s a big opportunity for other states to consider legalization., and I haven’t even touched on the medicinal uses for cannabis – cancer patients, people with MS, arthritis, chronic back pain, and a host of other afflictions that can be better managed with cannabis based products.

So, there’s my rant – here are a few shots from my trip



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Starting anew in 2015

So it’s 2015, the beginning of a new year.  I’m not one for resolutions, but my goal this year is to post to this blog as often as I can – hopefully more interesting than innocuous, but something.  I’m thinking I’ll include everything here….the good, the bad and the ugly.  Sometimes it will be #PassengerShaming, sometimes just pretty pictures.  If I offend, I apologize.

Here’s to a great 2015!

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